Former British Volunteer Pub, Ashford now completed

Former British Volunteer Pub, Ashford


The original pub was converted by the army in the 1860s from two old cottages which stood alongside barracks after several licensees in the town refused to serve troublesome soldiers.

Like so many once vibrant traditional town centre pubs, it closed its doors during the summer of 2015 and remained boarded up.

The building was in fair condition but with a hole in the roof it has been partially exposed to the elements causing additional internal damage.

Galahad Developments Limited obtained planning permission to convert the building to create 6 apartments (4 x 1 bedroom and 2 x 2 bedroom).

Parking is provided for approximately 12 vehicles. The accommodation is arranged across two main floors. The ground floor has access to the front and rear

This is the very first NUE project in Ashford to receive loan funding.

Not only are we extremely pleased with the finished results but our loan has already been repaid (12 months) following the sale of the property to a housing association.

This means that we are able to recycle the money into another project to create even more new homes.