Energy Performance Certificate


Energy Performance Certificates will give consumers for the first time information about energy efficiency of homes, and practical steps to save on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

From 1st June 2007 anyone buying a home will get a certificate giving clear advice in its energy efficiency and running costs.

The certificate will also give an energy rating, similar to those already provided when buying household electrical appliances, and advice on improvements that can be carried out to improve home’s energy efficiency.

From 2009 an energy performance certificate will also be required for homes that are rented

The reports, prepared by qualified home inspectors/ domestic energy assessor, will advise consumers on which energy measures – ranging from thicker loft insulation right through to solar panels – could cut carbon emissions from their home and improve their energy rating.

What will the EPC look like?

The EPC will be based on the existing EU colour scheme, which is used to indicate the energy efficiency of domestic appliances like a fridge, dryer and so on.

The average rating of a new build property is also shown as comparison and the potential rating if the recommended measures are implemented can also be seen.

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