Buying an Empty Property

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Buying an empty property could be seen as a daunting and painstaking prospect for some people.

However, an empty property can also provide an excellent opportunity to redevelop an existing property which can be either rented out or later sold at a profit.

Returning an empty property back into use also has wider community benefits by:

  • Improving the quality of the local environment
  • Reducing the associated problems caused by having poorly maintained empty properties, such as attracting anti-social behaviour, vermin, damp and other issues for neighbouring properties.
  • Attracting investment and re-generation.
  • Providing people of a much needed home.

More often than not an empty property will require some work to bring it back into use.

It is important that there are sufficient funds to cover such work before buying the property.

An empty property can often be bought for a bargain.

However, you will need determination and vision to take on a significant project.

The No Use Empty Initiative is able to offer advice and support to help navigate potential home-buyers through the process.